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Program Escape Normality



Developing a personal creative expression

Ways to come up with ideas and find your own creative style through different brainstorming techniques.


Techniques and tools for powerful editing

Working together on edits, gathering visual ideas, connecting shots, and maintaining a consistent timeline.


Infusing art with cinematography

Procedure to create a particular feeling, communicate a message, and produce visually stunning and impactful art using cinematography.


Ways to make creations emotionally engaging

A discussion on the power of emotions in art and how to use them to create a personal connection with the viewer.


Frames, compositions, designs and symbols

A new perspective on symbolism and how to harness them to develop a distinct and consistent style that reflects your individuality.


Breaking free from the norm and forging a unique identity

Ways to challenge the status quo, create differently from what is considered normal, and explore new perspectives.

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